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A Dangerous Daughter
By Dina Davis

Available from local bookstores from 24 June

Paperback and ebook online

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A Dangerous Daughter is a work of literary fiction. It is both a coming-of-age story and a tale of survival. Ivy, the novel’s protagonist, is a teenage girl living in Australia in the 1950s. She develops a mysterious illness which is unnamed and unknown. In a bid to save her life, Ivy is exiled from her family and sent across the continent to WA. There she struggles against ‘The Voice’ which tells her not to eat and almost destroys her. Until the disease is named as anorexia nervosa, Ivy is blamed and shamed. It is only through psychoanalysis that she gains strength and insight, and is able to forge a new identity.


Endorsements for A Dangerous Daughter

“I sincerely hope that A Dangerous Daughter will be widely read. Dina Davis’s courage in creating this book will be a gift to many.”  
– Dr Dianne Moses, Physician.

“Through deftly combining her life experience with fiction, Dina Davis provides a window into a much-misunderstood eating disorder.”
– Dr June Alexander.

Available to retailers on IngramSpark

A Dangerous Daughter
by Dina Davis is our first book released through the Authors First initiative, our exclusive publishing program for quality works of literary fiction submitted by invitation only. Works in this program are independently published by Cilento Publishing, a member of the Small Press Network.

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