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The Human Mosaic of Balmain

By Roger Juchau

Available Now from local bookstores

Glee books(Glebe, Dulwich Hill), Roaring Stories, Hill of Content (Balmain)

Paperback and ebook online


Available to retailers on IngramSpark

The characters

Sam ~ Pub Patron

Tara ~ Dog Walker

Luke ~ House Parent

Prue ~ Pilates Devotee

Wendy ~ Regular Worshipper

Aileen ~ Zealous Advocate

Colin ~ Café Aficionado

Paul ~ Challenged Parent

Harry ~ Devoted Brother

Peta ~ Art Student

Ross ~ Committed Reader

Ahmed ~ Taxi Driving Angler

Don ~ Exemplary Neighbour

Ivy ~ Cleaning Lady

Seojun ~ High School Student

Brad and Bernie ~ Loving Partners

Cliff ~ Crossword Exponent

Dylan ~ Caring Dad

Bob  ~Fastidious Resident

David and Di ~ Adorable Duo

Rona ~ Amateur Rower

Walter ~ Retiree Walker

Carol ~ Coffee Bearer

Lina ~ Newsagent Assistant

Cath ~ Charity Worker

Sione ~ Waste Collector

Wayne ~ Council Worker

Sarah ~ Unemployed Journalist

Leila ~ Postal Assistant

George ~ Handyman

Darren ~ Bus Driver

Jan & Kate ~ Discordant Neighbours

Leanne ~ Bank Officer

Eddie ~ Local Realtor

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